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Basket Youth Festival tournament

About Basket Youth Festival

Basket Youth Festival tournament, BYF: its an international basket tournament held on Algarve, Portugal, Europe.

basket youth festival logo
Basket Youth Festival official brand logo

BYF its organized between basket Coach Nuno Martins and basket club CBQ Tubarões.

This tournament promises to become one of the biggest events in Europe in youth basket.

Coach Nuno Martins promoted and organized in the last 5 years Algarve Mini Basket Cup, held in Faro.

basket coach nuno martins logo
Basket coach Nuno Martins logo

Now joins one of the largest clubs in Algarve.

Club CBQ Tubarões is exclusively dedicated to basket around the municipality of Loulé (with over 200 practitioners).

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Basket club Tubarões

Together they will develop a project whose goals is to provide unforgettable moments.

Moments of fraternization among young people from different countries.

Outside and inside the basket courts.

Promoting cultural diversity.

With a common denominator to all present …. the illusion by Basket.

The dream starts here … BASKET YOUTH FESTIVAL 2020!

About Basket Youth Festival 2020 edition

Basket Youth Festival tournament is much more than a basket tournament.

Among playing games in courts, participants will have a lot of fun.

All of this in just four days.

Sun, beach, aquatic park, entertainment and a lot of surprises.

Four days of amusement and joy in Algarve.

Basket Youth Festival BYF 2020 banner
Basket Youth Festival BYF 2020 edition official event banner

Great fun always with great weather.

BYF 2020 its open to U8, U10, U12 and U14 boys and girls teams.

On this BYF edition there were registered teams from Portugal and Europe.

Almost 70 teams and more than 800 participants.

Participants from Poland, Spain and Portugal.

BYF 2020 Edition Cancellation

It is with a “bittersweet” feeling that since it is not possible to hold this year’s edition, we announce the holding of the Basket Youth Festival tournament (BYF), in Quarteira and Loulé, from 1 to 4 July 2021.

There are thousands of laughs, screams, songs, hugs, victories, defeats, dives and so many shares that we postponed until 2021.

The organization of BYF 2020 nourished the hope of taking this event forward to the last breath.

And it was with sadness that we found that the conditions for realizing this dream shared by so many were not met: organizers, athletes, teams, collaborators, sponsors and other entities involved with the name, body and soul.

But nothing is lost, and it is also with redoubled joy that we count on 2021, with the repeated support of all our partners, in order to guarantee to the 800 participants and 68 teams (national and foreign) registered in the 2020 edition, everything that they deserved and now even more.

We are all together and committed to making the 2021 edition even more unforgettable.

And we are not canceling a set of memories and shares that would remain forever in the lives of these children, we are postponing it for public health reasons and we will work to make this event even better.

Knowing, however, that time doesn’t stop, and in the next sporting season some athletes could not participate in our tournament (BYF), so, we are already advancing and ensuring that the edition in 2021 will comprise the ranks from U8 to U15.

Our passion is Sport. Our sport is Basketball. All together. No one outside.

Grateful for the continued support from our partners, sponsors, staff and followers, we are working to provide even better experiences in 2021.

See you later.

The BYF Organization.